Coworkers discuss an autonomous robot design
Quirky Robotic Internships
As an employee at Quantum Signal AI, I created this video for our virtual showcase in the Ann Arbor Spark Tech Trek in 2020. The CEO and I wrote the script, then I created the storyboard, animations, illustrations, voice over and produced the final video by our deadline.
The video was created in Adobe After Effects, voice over in Adobe Audition. The full project took about four weeks.
Fun fact: my daughter drew the people!
Video Production
Audio Production
Voice Over
Script Writing
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Audition
Robotic Internship Excitement
Karen at her desk recording her voice over
Voice Over Magic
Creating a voice over was a fun process of covering my desk with a beach towel and holding a thick blanket over my head, with enough room to peek through to see the words. It worked pretty well!
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