Garden Party logo over a bowl of berries
Eco-Destination Farm Classes
I created a 2-hour process that allowed me to:
Take or find an appropriate stock photo
Design an event image
Create an EventBrite event
Write and schedule social media content for 3 posts across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
Write and implement website content
Design a printed flyer
File Management
This process relied on 1 event image file that was used across all online and printed collateral. I designed the image so that important information would still be visible no matter how it was cropped between 3 different social media accounts, EventBrite and the website. Using only 1 image made file management easier with multiple classes happening each week.
Class Category Logos
I created each of these logos to represent different categories of classes. The background image changed to represent each class offered in each category.
Social Media Content
I wrote 3 posts that would go out at different times starting about a month before the class date. I scheduled these using Hootsuite and adjusted content accordingly for each platform's requirements.
Challenges included updating info across multiple platforms if any details changed about the event. I started with EventBrite and then the website so that any users would have the correct information at the point of purchase, then updated any unpublished social media content.
Process Creation
Logo Design
File Management
Social Media Content
Logo Design and Social Media Content
Along with creating event content, I created the logos for each of these class categories.
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